Elementary School Classroom Visit

Third graders…

They’re smart, they’re cute, but they love to move around! A member of the Able Mindworks team visited 100 third grade students back in January and gave each one a TOPPI to use for the day. The result? They LOVED it! The students had a lot of feedback on the product, and were disappointed at the end of the school day when the TOPPIs were collected from them to take to the next classroom visit.

The most rewarding part of this experience was watching students interact with the product for the first time. Instead of teaching them how to use it, we handed out the product and let them choose how they wanted to use it. In no time they began using TOPPI in a way our team had not thought of! While we all use TOPPI by rolling it with our thumb or doodling with it on a piece a paper, the third graders had a new idea during story time.

Together as a class the students would “popcorn” read a chapter book, following along with the reader using their index finger on the page. One student rose her hand and asked the teacher if she could use TOPPI to follow along, rolling the ball over the words as her classmate read out loud. “Of course!” The rest of story time, 25 students were using TOPPI to follow along and focus on the story.

A generous parent pre-ordered a classroom set for that teacher who will receive them in time for the start of the 2017 school year. Able Mindworks is excited to bring the product to market and have it in the hands of students who can use it to improve their focus in the classroom. It is our mission to create products that enhance users’ ability to focus in order to empower them to achieve greater success in their learning environments.

Caroline Pukenis