Fidget Spinners - Distracting or Helpful?

Fidget spinners are getting a lot of attention this spring. Most recently the Able Mindworks team read about it in the Star Tribune and watched it on Kare11. While we are all for allowing kids to fidget in class so that they can focus, a lot of teachers are bringing up a valid point with fidget spinners -- they are becoming more of a distracting toy than a helpful tool because kids are not using them for their intended purpose. For instance, one teacher we did a classroom visit with said students were taking the spinners apart in class and were using them to do tricks while he was talking. At that point in time, the first few schools had banned fidget spinners, and this school was close behind. He loved TOPPI (check out our reviews!) and bought the product on the spot for his students.

From the beginning, Able Mindworks designed TOPPI with the classroom in mind. We interviewed teachers to better understand what fidgeting habits students had, and what products were teacher approved. The most common factor among teachers fidget product preferences was that it had to be quiet. Alongside quiet, small and non-distracting were important. With those insights, our team designed TOPPI to be small, quiet, and discreet in order to allow students to improve their mental focus while eliminating any negative attention caused by other products. We decided to take the pencil topper route so students could carry their TOPPI with them all day while they were at school, and the product would never seem out of place.

TOPPI is for students by students, and we hope if your student fidgets, you’ll give TOPPI a try! Purchase directly from our website shop page, and make sure to leave us a review of what your student thinks! Have questions? Check out our company FAQ page or Contact Us directly.

Caroline Pukenis