High School Classroom Visit

One of our team members came across this article in the paper and reached out to the Bloomington Jefferson teacher. She was invited to do a classroom visit with a group of students in one of his Emotional Behavioral Disabilities classroom sections. The students viewed the Able Mindworks website beforehand and had an understanding of the product prior to the visit. One of the students took a particular interest in the design of the product and used it as inspiration to create his own fidget tool using a 3D modeling software on his laptop.

The students used TOPPI for the entire class period and were allowed to ask questions about the product and the business, as well as provide feedback to our team. They had a lot of new ideas for future products! When asked by their teacher if they would use TOPPI in class, they responded with a unanimous yes. Thanks to their generous teacher, each student in the class will have their own Able Mindworks TOPPI to help them focus during class.

We had a great time at Jefferson and hope to continue doing more visits to introduce TOPPI to students. If you know a classroom that would like to try TOPPI, submit a note to us using the Contact Us form!

Anna Wetmore