Our Story


Able Mindworks is striving to support students in the classroom that need to fidget to focus. The Able Mindworks CEO, Anna Wetmore, identified a common problem among young students: when students would fidget, they would distract their peers. Being a distraction in the classroom comes with consequences. When teachers ask a student to stop fidgeting, that student stops focusing on learning and starts focusing on sitting still. These students need a silent outlet to fidget that will improve their focus without disrupting others.


Research on the Floating Attention Theory supports this observation by explaining that our brain cannot focus all of its efforts on one task, but needs a subtask in order to achieve the primary task at hand. A common subtask is fidgeting which can be disruptive to those around you. Instead of clicking your pen or tapping the table, the Able Mindworks team designed a pencil topper, TOPPI, to help students and adults alike focus in order to empower them to achieve greater success.

The precision machined tool includes two features, the rolling ball and the spinning gear. It was designed with the classroom in mind and has been approved by teachers for use in school. Able Mindworks designed TOPPI to be silent and discreet, and easy to take with you wherever you go. It helps you channel your fidgeting which improves your focus and learning, without distracting others. To see the one of a kind design and hear more about the company, visit ablemindworks.com. Support the University of Minnesota students by liking Able Mindworks on Facebook, following them on Instagram, and ordering off the website today.

Caroline Pukenis