“The ball on it makes me concentrate!”

- 3rd grade student


“Love my new pen topper! As a ‘fidgety’ person, sometimes I don't even realize what a distraction I can become in meetings, class, etc. Able Mindworks' topper helps me keep my fidgeting in check in a very discreet way. I’ve noticed that while spinning my topper, I focus much more at the task at hand - and those around me definitely do too! 10/10 recommend.”

- Senior in college


“It helped me concentrate on the instructor or paper rather than getting sidetracked with my phone or talking.” 

- 10th grade student


 "What a wonderful concept! My third grade students love this! As a teacher, the TOPPI allows students to fidget without causing a distraction or playing with a toy that ultimately is taken away. The TOPPI gives those students that need to wiggle a quiet, non-intrusive tool to help them concentrate on the task at hand. The TOPPI will also provide a focus point to help students that have test anxiety perform better on high stakes test. Great product!"

- Sherri Bauer, 3rd grade teacher


I currently teach Math Intervention at a middle school in the south metro. I use these in my classes for two main reasons. 1) Less is more. So many fidgets now make noise of have too many moving parts that the fidget itself becomes a distraction. These are great because it allows students to use their extra energy in a way that is not disruptive to others. 2) They help the students stay on task, and focus more. No more pen clicking, pen tapping, foot tapping. 


- Mike Humble, middle school teacher


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